"Jana began piano instruction with my son, Andy, when he was seven years old. He earned his Doctorate in Piano Performance and a second Masters degree in Theory.  When Andy was in high school, we moved and needed to find him a new teacher. His new instructor had been a Van Cliburn participant and was thrilled to find that there were no gaps in his classical training!  Not only did Jana give our son an excellent foundation, she always found ways to encourage him when things got tough." - Jamie Lee, (mother of recording artist and world-renowned concert pianist R. Andrew Lee) Liberty, MO

"Studying piano with Jana placed me on the path to succeed in my education. Jana provided a safe and comfortable environment that allowed me not only to build confidence in piano, but also to work on performance anxiety. She gave me opportunities to perform that taught me to grow through failures and celebrate in joys. If I had not studied with Jana, my journey in my academic adventures would have gone differently. I am better because she was my teacher. And I am excited to announce that I achieved my lifelong dream of graduating with my Bachelor's degree in music in 2019." - Valerie Denney, Lebanon, TN

"I am always looking forward to lessons with Jana. Not only does she fill our lesson time with fun and engaging tasks that help strengthen my abilities in theory and creativity, but she also emanates such a peaceful and welcoming presence that I always feel at home to express myself freely and however I want in her cozy music room. After spending my high school years with Jana, I am so sad that I cannot take her to college with me. With Jana’s help, I have been able to grow as an artist and musician; she has helped me to cultivate my own voice and sound through the music that we have worked on together throughout the past four years. Her concentration on theory and technique balances perfectly with her openness to experimentation with all different styles of music. With Jana, there is never a dull moment!" - Sophie Taylor, Nashville, TN

"I thoroughly enjoyed my piano lessons with Jana. I chose two of my original songs I felt I was playing without finesse and took them to Jana for some help. She turned them into beautiful presentations on the piano. She transformed my amateurish plunking into a quite accomplished sound. It was amazing!  She made the lessons fun, too!" - Singer-songwriter Pat Henry, Nashville, TN


"I am a senior citizen and have been taking piano lessons for maybe a year.  I wish I had started a lot earlier than I did. I learn something every time I have a lesson.  As a child, I wanted to take lessons so much, but I came from a very poor family and could not afford the cost of lessons. NOW I can afford lessons and I love learning piano and piano theory! At the first piano recital my son went to when he was taking lessons from Ms. Jana, Ed Bazel was the special guest artist and speaker. I remember he quoted someone as saying, 'Your children will hate you at least once in your life - when they are young, and you force them to take piano lessons.  Or when they are old, and you didn’t force them to take lessons.' :)  If you have children, give them lessons. It is easier for a child to learn. Ms. Jana is a very good teacher and loves teaching. Child or adult, either way, I think you should give her and it a try." - Donnie Morell, age 69, Hendersonville, TN

"Our daughter has been taking piano from Jana Jaudon for 6 years and our son has been taking from her for four years.  We really appreciate Jana's well-rounded style and method of piano teaching. She starts with a solid foundation of good sight reading and theory but also allows creativity by teaching additional concepts such as chording, transposing, playing by ear and using a wide variety of music. Our best recommendation though comes in the form of our children always looking forward to going to their weekly lessons with Jana." - Jennifer, Hendersonville, TN

"I am an adult student. I was intimidated by taking lessons so late in life. Jana makes piano fun and challenging, explaining music in a practical way. It is so important to keep learning new things, and she makes it easy...... even theory! Jana is a kind and caring person, I couldn't imagine finding a better teacher." - Shari C., Mt. Juliet, TN

"I am happy to recommend Jana Jaudon as a piano instructor. I have been a student of Jana's for the past year and I must say that within this year's time, I have learned more from her than I have from any of my past instructors. Reading notes has always been a problem for me, and Jana has helped me to develop my reading skills. Her method of teaching also helped me to gain an understanding of basic harmony and chords. Jana is not only a great teacher - she also plays beautifully." - Frances Pratt, Mt. Juliet, TN


Here are some words my students from Liberty, Missouri had to say when I moved to Tennessee in 2004:

"We cannot thank you enough for all your enthusiasm and support in helping the boys grow musically and socially. We are going to miss you greatly." - Tina, mom of Ray and Bryce

 "Thank you for all of your help to teach me piano. I really liked your help and hope to find a teacher as good as you." - Ray, age 14

"I want to thank you for being such a wonderful piano teacher. I learned so much from you. You introduced me to the Clavinova, showed me how to play pieces without having the music written out, how to chord. But most importantly, you taught me to love playing the piano again." Hayley, age 17

"I will miss you a lot. I still remember my first lesson. You laid the foundation for a lifetime of musical endeavors." - Rebecca, age 12, who began at age 5.

"Dear Miss Jana, I'll miss you so much. I don't think I'll ever find a teacher as good as you. Your student, Maria."

"I cherish our friendship, and piano... and what you have taught me has truly inspired me like nothing else could." - Robin, age 40